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I enjoy working in many mediums, depicting different emotion and settings with all of the materials I work with. Watercolour is home to the chirping birds and lush wildlife, spreading joy and natural beauty. Oil paintings depict distant nebulas capturing the eternity which is space, evoking wonder and stunning colours. Greeting cards celebrate wonderful seasons and events, all in a vintage style collected for any occasion while my photos showcase the beauty of our planet. 

What my work means

This special universe that I have depicted in front of you conveys the taste of nature, lights that would be incomplete without their shadows - life opposed with decay and moments captured from the wonderful wildlife. That's so important to me.

I'm trying to convert this astonishing Earthly life into a distant dimension, an expanding space where all is created and destroyed in an eternal cycle. 

I hope that during your visit you also learn to grab hold of the moments and the emotions that come along with them. 


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