Vintage 60cm Diameter Christmas Wreath


    A professional handmade wreath suited for decorating living and dining rooms during the Christmas Period. The wreath is decorated with neatly placed sparkly and matte Christmas hearts, silver and white hollow carved jingle bells, white jingle bells and wooden reindeer alongside artificial white frosted berries. To add the final touch, a golden accented bow is positioned on the top of the wreath with several pinecones and real cinnamon sticks are placed onto the product.




    • 60cm diameter artificial wreath
    • Gold accented bows
    • Jingle bells
    • Cinnamon sticks
    • White frosted artificial berries
    • Wood reindeer ornaments
    • Tree, star and heart shaped hollow carved jingle bells.
    • Pinecones




    Diameter - 60cm


    NOTE - This item is made to order after initial stock runs out.

    Vintage 60cm Diameter Christmas Wreath